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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  March 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the weather front. thank you for waking up with us. i am natasha barrett. >> i am cynné simpson. we will check in with steve rudin coming up in a few minutes. first, lisa baden keeping an eye on the roads. >> a big slowdown is on by 270. branch avenue se, watch out for delays merging with pennsylvania avenue. a coalition on pennsylvania avenue between minnesota avenue and the exit that will take you to d.c. to wonder 95. a live picture of virginia. this is 395. quiet on the beltway to the 14th street bridge . >> a beautiful morning on the way. the sun will be up in less than one hour. get the sunglasses ready. you are going to need them this morning. here is our forecast for this afternoon. 60 to 65 degrees. we will increase out of the
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northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. mainly clear tonight. freezing morning for western maryland. 33 to 39 degrees for the low and tomorrow, not so bad. parleys under -- partly sunny skies. mildest temperature south and west of d.c. a look at the extended outlook in a few minutes. we have some rain on the way. details and a few minutes. >> thank you. new this morning, police are looking for two people led officers on an overnight chase from prince george's county into d.c. police officer spotted the suspect in a vehicle at eastern avenue and phelan. the officers began a pursuit. the suspects ran the cruiser. two officers had minor injuries. the suspects stopped at south dakota avenue in northwest d.c. they found a handgun in that area. >> there is a new twist in the
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death of trayvon martin. the gunmen is here in the video. it appears to show officers leading him from the squad car into police headquarters. it is notable for what it does not show. brianne carter is live with details. >> good morning. new information this morning about all of this. including the video we are talking about of george zimmerman. we are hearing from the first time from other people who are speaking out. >> for the first time in this video obtained by abc news, we are getting a look at the man accused of shooting trayvon martin. he is wearing a white sweatshirt -- a red sweatshirt. he is walking into questioning. he says the shooting was in self-defense. the lawyers say the katina
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attack him, hitting his head on the sidewalk and breaking his nose. evidence of injury is not visible in the video. speaking out for the first time, his father also claiming his son was attacked. >> trayvon martin said something to the effect of, you are going to die now or you are going to die tonight. something to that effect. he continued to beat george a. and at some point, george pulled his pistol. >> martin's girlfriend tells a different story. she was on the phone with him the moments leading up to the shooting. she said he told her he was being followed . >> >> also we are getting information about perhaps why new charges have been filed in the case. according to abc news, sources tell them that the lead investigator in the shooting recommended that simmer and be
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charged, however the attorney's office determined that there was not enough evidence for that. again all of this is according to reports. he has not been arrested or charged as the investigation is ongoing. brianne carter, abc 7 news . >> thank you. bobby rush was reprimanded for wearing a hoodie on the house floor. the democrats polled a hood over his head as he spoke during a speech. martin was wearing a sweatshirt when he was shot last month. students at a prince george's county keisel will pay tribute to a class of who died suddenly yesterday. he was jogging around the track during physical education class when she simply collapse. john gonzalez is live at the school this morning with a shot and the arctic from her friends and your family. a tragic story. >> it is. the timing is difficult. one day before a spring break
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vacation the students here are now forced to deal with this very difficult loss. her death is a mystery right now. this bright and talented 17- year-old died on the track. she collapsed and later died at the hospital. she collapsed in front of her friends and classmates. they are all trying to figure out what happened. her family tells us this girl had no history of heart problems. she was very fit and a vegetarian. she was running the track during physical education class. classmates tell us if was always at -- she was always a leader. she is a leader of the rotc program and everybody looked up to her. hours after her death, we spoke to her father as he clutched a stuffed animal he gave her when she was a little girl. >> she is not coming in tonight. we were dancing last night.
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we were waltzing last nine. i was teasing her and she was teasing me. >> tekau rasayon told a friend she was telling -- she was having chest pains. everyone is wearing paint in her honor today. reporting live in clinton maryland, john gonzales, abc 7 news . >> thank you. president obama will renew his call for congress to end a tax breaks to oil companies. during a speech today, he urges congress to end a billion in taxpayer dollars. that is handed out to oil companies every year. he suggests clean energy instead. a painful milestone regarding gas prices. the average price at the pump now tops $4 a gallon in our area. the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.91. in the district, it is $4.15. in maryland, it is $4.10. in virginia, it is $3.86.
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>> more leaders are lining up behind mitt romney in his bid to beat president obama. marco rubio is also going to support romney. two of his rivals were in our area yesterday. gingrich spoke at georgetown on wall ron paul had a -- held a rally at university of maryland. wisconsin -- wisconsin d.c., and marilyn hold primaries on tuesday. martin o'malley cast his vote later today. >> on the hill, the house is set to vote on the republican budget bill today. three and a half trillion dollar plan that cuts everything from food stamps to transportation. the budget proposes tax increases on the rich. the house rejected a bipartisan plan with both tax increases and spending cuts earlier.
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6: 07. 68 degrees. still ahead, lindsay lohan is back in front of the judge. why it could be the last time for a hollywood star. >> a another maker brigade for the washington capitals. more freeze and frost warnings.
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>> we are hearing reports now the crash on southeast pennsylvania avenue in done between minnesota avenue and at 295 -- and now a disabled vehicle blocking the road.
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virginia is where we go live with the camera. see what is happening on 95 and 395. not much. a normal pace of traffic. that is the scenario in maryland on the beltway. this is southbound at father hurley boulevard. we go on over to the weather now and steve rudin. >> and mild started thursday. a beautiful sunrise. 40 minutes or so. projected highs around 60 to 65 degrees. breezy during the morning hours. we could see gusts exceeding 25 miles per hour. in the clear and cold for the overnight, debitors in the 30's. a freeze warning across my third wehrli in -- western maryland. sunshine tomorrow morning followed by increasing clouds. milder temperatures south and west of d.c. highs in the upper 50's 2to low or 60's. it rained for the weekend. details on that in a few minutes. >> thank you.
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at 6:11. the capitals are down to the last five games. they are not in a position to lose any of them including tonight's in boston. they trail the buffalo sabres by two points for the eighth and final playoff spot. the puck drops at 7:00 tonight. >> 6:00 at 12th. 58 degrees. one of the workers are really -- what the workers are doing when they call in sick. >> lawmaker fight their reckless driving charge.
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>> a lawyer for the u.s. soldier charged with killing 17 afghan civilians as his client suffered a dramatic incident in the rock.
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-- iraq. bryant jermaine livingston -- robert bales experienced many injuries. meantime the jet blue pilot to have a meltdown is not charged with interfering with a flight crew. he was taken to the hospital after the plane had to make an emergency landing in texas. according to an affidavit, he rambled about religion, said the plan would not make it to las vegas, and told the co-pilot to take a leap of faith. they have suspended him. >> a former tsa employee is not charged with running a prosecution rain. investigators discovered that inside a room at the hotel in silver spring. according to a court document, a hotel manager noticed bryant jermaine livingston escorting
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several men up to his term. the manager called police and when they got to the room, they found several people in there and someone was naked. >> people will do anything to make money and tsa guys are making good money. >> at least one person admitted paying him to go into the room and engage in sexual activities. he faces prostitution charges and is now free on bond. >> or on the area, the prince george's county council woman accused of going more than 100 miles per hour on the beltway is planning to challenge at least one of her citations. karen toles was fined for reckless driving in an unsafe lane change. legal experts tell the washington post per attorney could not try to draw the reckless driving charge. the trial is set for april 20 as. also, census figures are showing that people moving to the d.c. area are overwhelmingly drawn to fairfax county. the only 88,000 residents moved
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there in 2009 and then accounted for one-quarter of the d.c. area of new residents. montgomery county comes in second on the list followed by prince george's county and then the district. people across the area may be suffering from lottery fever. tamara's made a million-strong is estimated to be worth $500 million. that is the largest ever. people are flocking to stores across the area, including the store in germantown to get tickets. someone here but a ticket for the drying that cost $250,000 -- that 1 $250,000. check your numbers. >> corporate executives are cashing in. a study shows how employees are really spending their sick days. >> good morning. topping america's money optimism about hiring. more ceos say they feel good
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about the economy and plan to hire more people. the report from the table comes the best three-month job growth. ceos got paid to% more yesterday. that is less than 2010, 27%. they now average $9.6 million. president obama later today will begin -- will call for an end to the $4 billion in subsidies for oil and gas companies. the administration is taking the first up toward allowing drilling off the atlantic coast. a survey found 84% of all employees: 6 are really sick. the others are taking a mental health day or looking for another job. that is america's money. have a great day. >> nannie to question people when they call in for work. if they are really sick. >> of course. let us check in with steve rudin.
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the weather is making people sick. before we talk about allergies and what is going on, let us check in with lisa baden. >> i'm going to give everyone normal travel times. no excuse to be late. we're good across the american legion bridge. a little bit of a volume on 270. good on 66. we give you the green light across the wilson bridge. out of dale city, here is the picture in springfield. headlights are northbound. steve rudin now steve. >> what a morning -- now to steve rudin. >> what a morning. the oak and maple are coming up. and i smiled morning to start our day. temperatures in the -- a nice, mild morning to start our day. temperatures in the 30's. -- 50's. the sun is up in a matter of a half an hour. heading out to annapolis right now, this guy is already getting a little bit brighter.
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57 degrees at reagan national. we are down three degrees from last hour. 59 in all the -- aldie. head over to the weatherbug world headquarters in germantown. they are at 53. these are temperatures across the area at this hour. 54 in martinsburg. culpepper, 61. the wind gusts begin to pick up now that the cold front has moved on through. this is our friend the system that brought as a few showers and thunderstorms. no need to worry about that today. get your sunglasses out. he will be done throughout the entire day. mainly clear skies for the overnight hours. a freeze warning expires tomorrow at 9:00. nothing for us across them immediate metro. it will get cold but not enough for a freeze warning. this is the futurecast. skies remain clear for the next 48 hours. the next weather maker of to the
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north and arrives during the daytime hours tomorrow. we have rain tomorrow night into saturday morning. once it moves on tour, the weekend will be dry. barley to mostly sunny breezy and nice today. 65 degrees. nighttime lows and a 30's with wind out of the northwest. tomorrow looks great. milder temperatures south and west of d.c. 63 in the district. the outlook shows or vice rebounding back near 70 on sunday. -- shows our highs rebounding back near 70 on sunday. blows and the 40's to lower 50's. >> thank you. 59 degrees outside. coming up next, run burgundy is a big screen returner. what could be lindsay lohan's last day in court.
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>> kristen johnson overcoming addiction with humor.
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>> taking a look at entertainment headlines this morning. ron burgundy is making a return to the anger desk. will ferrell and honest the news last night -- announced the
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news last night. there is no word on just when the "anger man" sequel will come out. >> hopefully soon. also returning to court today for what could be the last appearance lindsay lohan. if she has completed all the conditions, her probation will be over. this will be the first time in four year she is not on probation. this comes as she is finding a more projects including a guest spot on "glee." the >> 88-year-old magician died yesterday. he pioneered the modern banjos sound. his style was most prominently displayed in the scene from the beverly hillbillies. >> he will be missed. 6:24 right now. the news continues right now with "good morning washington.
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>> the funding fight against the president. we have a report.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> first pictures of george zimmerman after the death of trayvon martin. what the debt now says about the controversy. plus falling in line behind the
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front runner a rumored v.p. candidate and the president rolling his report -- support behind mitt romney. "good morning. so glad you are waking up with us. >> we begin with traffic and weather. we check in with steve rudin in just a moment but first here is lisa baden. >> we are good around the beltway. we have the normal volume starting to grow. for example, outer loop between new hampshire and georgia avenues, you will find heavy traffic through chevrolet. lanes are open to get down to the third street tunnel. d.c. to 95, northbound, the volume expected near the naval research laboratory and the 11th street bridge. nothing complicated across the wilson bridge. enjoy about of springfield to get to tysons, to starting the slowdown. the toll road, not that of 66. we take to the camera and it looks like it is windy out there right now steve?
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>> we have gusts 25, 30 miles per hour. >> temperatures got so bad. in the upper 50 t. -- in the upper 50's. cold front moved through yesterday which trigger thunderstorms. look at the skies had cleared nicely. here is our forecast for today. 65 degrees. wind out of the northwest at 15 to 25 with higher gusts. it mainly clear overnight. temperatures in the 30's. tomorrow temperatures around 59 to 67 degrees. a widespread in temperatures with milder air south and west of dc. doug hill will be back in a few minutes with a look at the extended outlook . >> alright. thank you. new this morning, a search is underway for two carjacking suspects who led police on a chaves from prince george's county into d.c. officer spotted the vehicle in
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chillum. they rammed into the cruiser. the officers had minor injuries. the suspect bailed out at 43rd street and south dakota avenue and. investigators say they did find a handgun in the area. >> our other big story, new video obtained by abc news throwing doubt into the deadly case of that neighborhood watch volunteer and a teenager killed in florida. we finally see george zimmerman on the night he shot trayvon martin. we have the latest details on this case. good morning. >> good morning. george zimmerman says that trayvon martin slammed his head on the ground. his lawyer says his nose was broken but exclusive video obtained by abc news from the night of the incident shows zimmerman without visible signs of injury. take a look. here is zimmerman the night of the shooting, walking into the stanford police department for
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questioning. he claimed self-defense but a closer look shows the neighborhood watch men with no visible blood on his head, nose, or clothing. we are hearing from trayvon martin's girlfriend that travon said zimmerman was following him. >> >> zimmerman's father is speaking out, peaking his son is a victim saying that trayvon martin beat him. abc 7 news. >> thank you. meantime, director spike lee apologized to a couple after he read tweeted an erroneous message. the tweet listed there as dress as george zimmerman's home. >> closer to home, students at a high school or pager be to a
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classmate who died suddenly yesterday. the 17-year-old was driving around a high-school track during pe class. john gonzales is live at. good morning. >> good morning. this talented 17-year-ago collapsed in front of her friends yesterday on the track. the medical examiner's office will tell us exactly what killed her. this morning, it is a complete mystery. as he tries to comes to terms with her death, he clutches the stuffed animal he gave to her when she was a girl. serving as a leader of the school's jr. rctc -- rotc program, she was a role model. >> i wanted to be just like her. >> no history of any heart
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problems, she was a vegetarian and fit. school officials say that tekau rasayon was running the track during her peak last -- pe class. >> she is not coming home tonight. we were dancing last night. we were waltzing last night. i was teasing her and she was teasing me. >> medical crews tried to reduce is a turk -- resuscitate her before the trigger to the hospital. she felt a pain in her chest just minutes before falling to the ground. >> it happened so suddenly. i could not believe it had happened. she just passed out. she did not make it . >> just a day before spring break vacation, we understand grief counselors will be at the school today and everyone who will wear pink in her honor. reporting live, john gonzales abc 7 news. >> such a sad story.
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thank you for the report. in the day had come at a statue of duke ellington will be installed at ellenton plaza. -- ellington plaza. the sculpture will serve as a gateway to the newly revitalized corner of d.c. neighborhood. >> we have reached a painful milestone regarding gasoline prices. the average prices topped $4 a gallon in our area. the national average is now $3.91. in d.c., $4.15. in maryland, $4.10. in virginia, $3.86. >> we return to the 20th -- 2012 campaign where romney is taking a more endorsements. george h. w. bush will indoors romney today. florida senator marco rubio also
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announced his endorsement last night. the gop rivals may stop -- made stops yesterday in the d.c. area. newt gingrich at georgetown and ron paul at the university of maryland. the primaries on tuesday. maryland governor martin o'malley will cast his vote later today. prexy nine men and women now controlled -- >> nine men and women now control the health care law. the supreme court has racked up three days of arguments on whether the law was constitutional. the arguments yesterday focused on whether the law stays in place if a mandate for americans to purchase health insurance is thrown out. the justices are expected to announce their decision in late june. >> we are looking at 57 degrees on thursday. still ahead whether white house -- what the white house says it did with millions of dollars promised to metro. >> we have news about the fight against cancer. infection rates are falling.
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researchers say they see troubling trends. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen!
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(laughter) sorry i'm late, i wawas in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. taket easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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>> welcome back. we look at 12 -- traffic and weather. we go over to lisa. >> heavy traffic southbound on
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270 is what is going on. southbound delays to get to 109 out of germantown. a little bit more action. good at the american legion bridge. out of germantown to get to rock hill, we give you travel times in your favor. nothing on 95 or 295 out of the normal. traffic through the northeast is pretty decent. we had a collision in pennsylvania avenue after minnesota avenue. here is a live picture of traffic in virginia. it is beautiful here. back inside. >> all right. thank you. doug hill, good morning. how are you? >> i am doing well. good morning. gusty start to thursday. a fair amount of sunshine. gusty winds and temperatures making a nice recovery into the 60's. let us get you started with a look at one of our weather but cameras. this one is an arlington across the city. sunrise in about 17 minutes.
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a bright and sunny day, but the wind will be picking up. check out the temperatures right now. they are running pretty mild. temperatures have meant dropping the past couple of hours, but still some warm readings this morning. 57 in washington right now. warmer to the south and the southwest. 64 degrees in arlington. high pressure building in, the winds are diminishing tonight and we will have some issues. high pressure off to the north and the west, low pressure moving off the lead to coast. that is combining for the gusty winds. the high pressure will move and later tonight and the winds will come down and it will get chilly. there is a freeze warning tonight. here is our story for the day. parley to mostly sunny, breezy weather and a low to mid 60's. a warm-up coming the next few days. eventually upper 60's. chance of showers as we head into saturday morning.
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a very pleasant stretch of spring weather. that will continue. that is the very latest. back to you. >> good to see you. thank you for that. 7 is on your side with news in the fight against cancer right now. in the report says cancer rates in the u.s. are falling. the center for receives control says the rate of new cases has fallen about 0.5% each year since 1999. death rates have dropped by more than 1%. officials credit better screenings, treatment advances, and prevention efforts. good news this morning. 57 degrees up there. >> not bad. online bullying in our local schools, the report about one virginia cell phone that you need to see. >> metro could be losing millions of dollars. i am jummy olabanji live in on
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>> only on 7, family members of a teenager who shot and killed by d.c. police officers say they are outraged. police were called to 54 street yesterday afternoon. it was for a drug complaint. when officers arrived, they arrested several people. kevin bolden fired shots and officers fired back. his family says he was shot a to 10 times. -- eight to 10 times. at the same story for every time, he shot at me first. no police officer got shot. he was that close. >> sources a neighbor saw the entire incident and they backed up the officer's report. we are investigating the shooting. >> bullying appears to be
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widespread amongst fairfax county students. an annual survey conducted in the county question students. more than half said they have been bullish more than 20 times in the last year. 14% say they were cyber-bullet. metro's money problems are about to get worse. >> officials are pointing fingers at the president. jummy olabanji is live in arlington with why the white house's poll in millions of dollars now. >> good morning. this all really comes down to budget problems for everybody. local leaders and metro officials say the white house is now going back on a deal that has been in place for several years. the way it works is every year the federal government gives $150 million to metro and we all match that, give -- d.c., maryland, and virginia match that.
6:47 am
president obama has proposed cutting -- cutting funding by $15 million, which is not sitting too well with some folks. vincent gray said the president to keep his word, especially because 50% of people who use mentor or federal employees. leaders are all writing a letter, asking that this 10% reduction be taken off of the table. metro officials also say that keeping this money is important especially because of all the maintenance upgrades they are trying to do across the real right. reporting live, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we learn about transportation projects in northern virginia. those included interstate 95 and 495. the real extension to dulles airport, improvements along rte. 1 and i 395.
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we checked news around the nation. this video shows one families dangerous escape from a deadly wildfire in colorado. authorities say the fire is now 15% contained. flames that destroyed 27 homes and burned thousands of acres. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. an elderly couple died in a woman is missing. friends of the jet blue plywood to have a meltdown on a flight from new york to las vegas say they are baffled by what happened. prosecutors say the pilot had to be wrestled to the ground by passengers. friends and family of the pirates say they cannot remember osbon having any problems. >> time for traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. lisa baden standing by . >> i am kind of disappointed because it turns out that pennsylvania before 295, there
6:49 am
is a vehicle that rolled over. will we see disappointing -- disappointment elsewhere? we are rolling in the normal pattern. has led to the audra loop kamahl on their way to 270. it is -- there is a normal delays on the beltway. northbound 395, things are open to 14th street bridge. if you lose -- if you use ma ss transit, everything looks good. >> all right. time to go back to doug hill. >> the wins are not dusty, et -- if the winds are not dusty just give it a moment. temperatures today in the 60's. a bit of center and as high pressure builds into the area.
6:50 am
high clouds on the eastern shore, that is trilling yesterday's storm system. high pressure building in the west. those combined to drive the winds. temperatures in the 50's. 57 right now. our current temperature is only a few degrees below the average high. the winds have been gusting over the past hour, a couple of examples for you. martinsburg had a gust of 26 miles per hour at the same in baltimore. the wind gusts will increase throughout the day. satellite and radar, the cold front and storm center from last evening offshore right now. high pressure building. that is the reason for the gusty wind. a lot of sunshine, as well. as high pressure goes over the -- tonight, the winds diminish. -- as high pressure goes over the area tonight, the winds diminish.
6:51 am
there is a freeze warning in effect late tonight. today, looks pretty good. we will have a sunny day. it will be very pleasant. there will be increasing cloudiness as we get through the day tomorrow with the next system coming in by friday night, early saturday morning. here is what we have in the forecast. today, partly to mostly sunny and breezy. 60 to 50 -- 60 to 55. 33 to 39 tonight. tomorrow, increasing cloudiness after morning sun. 59 to 67. showers tomorrow night. weather is available at our online home at that is the very latest. >> doug, we take the showers. get the pollen out of here. whatever it takes. >> allergy season in full effect. thank you. you are watching "good morning washington."
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>> good morning. an exclusive. new video of george zimmerman in police custody the night of the trayvon martin shooting in an interview with the team's girlfriend, the only person to talk to him moments before he was killed. next right here on "good morning america." >> it is time to check the stop
6:55 am
-- the top stories this morning. new video shows the man who says he killed a florida teenager trayvon martin being as dick -- being escorted into a police station. zimmerman is not appear to be bleeding. he told police that martin attacked him. police are searching for two carjacking suspects. the chase began in chillum. the suspects rammed a police coup -- cruiser, injuring two officers. >> students are wearing thin today to honor a classmate who died suddenly yesterday. tekau rasayon was running around the track during gym class when she collapsed and died. >> a sad situation. >> happy. -- yeah. >> we are in full swing with the morning commute. >> yes, we are. i see a stalled car gone on route 4. pennsylvania avenue before the
6:56 am
exit 4295, a vehicle rolled over. quickly, we take it to the potomac river across the 14th street bridge. in good shape. the american legion bridge had some debris on the interloped coming out of tysons, but lanes are open right here on the altar look -- outer loop. stick around. >> a quick look at our all look -- outlooks. gusts exceeding 25 miles per hour with temperatures in the lower 60's. showers late tomorrow night into saturday morning. once we get there ran out of the way, a beautiful sunday and a nice start to our monday. temperatures around 70. >> something to look forward to. thank you. that does it for us. "good morning america" is next.
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